Years of practical experience has shown the need for IT for scared and nervous users of PCs. People who are not confident with the rapidly developing digital age will not be maximising the use of their computer equipment. We will show you how to get the best out of your computers.

If you haven't a clue what 'The Cloud' is come to us. You can ask us the meaning of what everybody else seems to know about (they don't!). We have previously worked with people of all ages and taught/helped them to cope when something goes wrong or when unfamiliarity and lack of experience leads to a lack of confidence in using the equipment.

Chares will provide quality services that are cost effective and combine the values of the social sector with drive and innovation of the private sector.

We can provide training in:

Basic IT

Office applications

Office administration

The use and application of social media techniques to benefit your organisation


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We are a South East London based organisation, committed to promoting local services.